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Inside Canada’s Emergency Room Crisis.

Here Dr. David Carr on a panel chatting with Natasha Fatah on the CBC National…

Emergency room death highlights Canadian healthcare crisis

Dr. Carr discusses the Canadian health care crisis with The Guardian Read here:

Ontario’s Emergency rooms overwhelmed

Catch Dr. Carr chatting with Alexandra Pinto about the crisis in Ontario’s ER’s Listen and…

Inside Canada’s ER Crisis. Global News with Mercedes Stephenson.

Canada’s ER Crisis:  Doctors urge governments to stop finger pointing and find solutions. Dr. appears…

Ontario healthcare system on life support

Dr. Carr talks with Caryn Ceolin of City News about the crisis in the ER’s…

Dr. Carr chats with Ann Rohmer about the ER crisis in Ontario

Dr. Carr chats with Ann Rohmer on the Feed Podcast about the ER crisis in…

ER Staff shortages in Ontario

Dr. David Carr joins Akshay Tandon to discuss the crisis in the ER Listen here:

High ER wait times in Ontario

Dr. Carr talks to Heather Butts about the challenges faced in Ontario’s ED’s   Watch…

Ontario Hospital ER wait times approached 2 hours in April

Dr. Carr discusses the crisis faced in ER’s across Ontario Read and listen here: