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The Toronto Star: Why you shouldn’t avoid the ER

The Toronto Star: Why you shouldn’t avoid the ER


““It shouldn’t be a deterrent to seek emergent care because of COVID,” says Dr. David Carr. “You need to come here. We’re a safe place for you to come.”

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how and when we can re-open society—and particualry what opens—as the COVID-19 curve hits its peak and potentially flattens in the weeks ahead.

Increasingly, some doctors and the Canadian Medical Association say that it’s hospitals that need to open more to non-COVID-19 cases. They’re warning of a backlog of other serious illnesses, including cancer and heart attacks, that could be going untreated. Some of this is because potential patients themselves are worried about COVID-19 risks at hospitals and are not going to ERs until it’s too late.”

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